Chula Vista, CA – Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the law office of Richard F. Arroyo, I have 37 experience years working with adults, juveniles and their parents in the California criminal justice system. My reputation among former clients, local judges and probation officers is for being a positive, effective force on behalf of my clients. I represent individuals charged with crimes ranging from DUI, drug crimes and theft to violent crimes such as weapons offenses and domestic abuse. To make an appointment with a Chula Vista criminal defense and San Diego juvenile defense lawyer, please contact my office online or call 619-370-9074 for free phone and office consultation.

Many people who are charged with crimes may not believe that they need an attorney. However, this is not true. Without the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, an individual is at the mercy of the courts. A child who is tried in juvenile court will not face a jury. Instead, a single judge will decide his or her fate. Whether the accused is an adult or a juvenile, an attorney is needed who appears in front of the same judges on a daily basis and who knows local probation officers and resources throughout San Diego County.

How I Help Adults and Juveniles

My approach to criminal cases is to be honest and candid with the individual and his or her family members. In juvenile cases, I involve the parents in the cases and help them understand the minor’s issues, whether it is drug use or a gang affiliation.

My primary job is to protect my client’s rights and negotiate with the prosecution to minimize penalties. I can also litigate victim restitution in cases such as vandalism. If a juvenile is charged with a violent or serious crime, such as a gang or sex crime, he or she may be tried as an adult. I have substantial experience with both the adult criminal justice system and the juvenile system, which allows me to provide multi-faceted defense for my clients.

I also participate in the development of the best plan to rehabilitate the individual. This can include setting up mental health or drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

If the court orders probation, I monitor probation services and act as an advocate for the individual with probation officers, community service providers, psychologists, counselors and other interested parties. I make sure probation officers are sensitive to the individual’s financial situation, which can sometimes play a role in the initial crime and compliance with the terms of probation. If my client cannot afford to enroll in a court-ordered class, it may be possible for me to request money from the court.

In addition, I represent parents facing child abuse charges. For a free consultation with a Chula Vista, California, criminal defense attorney, call 619-370-9074 or contact us online.