Meet Attorney Richard F. Arroyo

Attorney Richard F. Arroyo has been working with California adults, juveniles and their families for 30 years. In addition to his legal work, he continues to volunteer for community-based organizations, including some that help troubled youth.

His concern for his clients extends to the courtroom, where he argues for reduced or dismissed charges and alternatives to detention. By working with probation officers, teachers, and mental health and substance abuse professionals, he helps rehabilitate both adults and juveniles so they do not become lifelong offenders.

A former juvenile court prosecutor and current juvenile judge said that Mr. Arroyo is “one of the most professional, capable and caring attorneys in the juvenile law community.”

Another current juvenile judge said, “Mr. Arroyo is a seasoned veteran in the area of juvenile delinquency. He is prepared and professional. He is a pleasure to have in my courtroom.”